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October 2019


 Macestunlol - 70 Rogue

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PostSubject: Macestunlol - 70 Rogue   Macestunlol - 70 Rogue I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 06, 2008 7:51 pm

1. What is your name? Macestunlol.

2. What is your race and class? Undead Rogue.

3. Tell us why you want to join Nemesis: Looking at your members/posts/etc, you guys seem to have the kind of environment I enjoy in WoW. Plus there's a lack of good raiding guilds on Thunderlord apparently, so it'd be nice to have a good home right from the start instead of getting to 80 first then desperately finding people to raid with.

4. Are you looking to become a "Raid Member" or a "PvP/Arena Member" primarily? Definitely going with Raid Member.

5. Please post what instances you have raiding experience in if you answered "Raid Member" to question #4. Please include anything pre-BC and post-BC and from other MMORPG's:

Pre-BC was the height of my raiding carrer, I had everything on farm [Except C'thun. 30% P2wtf!] up to 6 bosses down in Naxx. In BC I raided alot more casually, eventually reaching sunwell though, I have experience up to 4/6 Pre 3.0.

6. What spec do you plan to use given your answer to #4?

Note: This doesn't need to be your current spec, but the spec you plan to use given your answer to #4. (Please provide a link to your spec)

I've always liked raiding as combat swords, however if you guys want me to hop on the mutilate train then I'm fine with that as well.

My Priest:

My rogue:

7. How old are you? 18.

8. If there is anything you would like to say regarding your application that didn't get said in the previous answers, here is your chance!

Let's see. My main is Facepuncher, [70 Priest, Arygos Horde]. He's the character I've done all my pvp/pve on. I was a S2 Gladiator, S3 and S4 duelist. However, I've retired him and recently been playing my rogue, Macestunlol, who's on thunderlord. I chose to roll there because of some RL friends last year, when then proceeded to quit before we hit 70. So I have this 70 rogue stranded on this server, and I want to raid on him in the expansion, but I don't really feel like transferring to arygos, so as of right now I'm looking for a place to do my raiding at 80, and you all seem really cool/knowledgeable so I think I'd have a lot of fun being part of your core group. And for my little speech about myself as a player; bottom line, I know how to play my class, as well as knowing how to make my class work most efficiently with other classes. I don't mind wiping all night on a boss as long as we have the potential to down it and move on.

Thanks for your time!
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Macestunlol - 70 Rogue Empty
PostSubject: Re: Macestunlol - 70 Rogue   Macestunlol - 70 Rogue I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 06, 2008 7:55 pm

- Well written application.
- Experience raiding prebc and in tbc
- Knowledge of class(es)
- Mature

I can't think of a reason not to invite you Razz

[e]: Zul'Aman at 8 server. Be there or be square Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Macestunlol - 70 Rogue   Macestunlol - 70 Rogue I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 07, 2008 3:30 am

Invited 11/6/08.

Visceri - 70 Hunter
Lethalis - 80 Warlock
The once mighty Myr
Officer of Nemesis

"When a mind does not know itself, it is flawed. When a mind is flawed, the man is flawed. When a man is flawed, that which he touches is flawed. It is said that what a flawed man sees, his hands make broken."
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PostSubject: Re: Macestunlol - 70 Rogue   Macestunlol - 70 Rogue I_icon_minitime

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Macestunlol - 70 Rogue
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