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October 2019


 New application

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PostSubject: New application   New application I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 6:32 am

1. What is your character name that you wish to apply with?


2. What is your race and class?

Blood Elf Death Knight

3. Tell us why you want to join Nemesis. Please be specific.

I just transferred to the server and I'm looking for a progressing guild. That and I saw there were some members online at the late time I was on. Mostly looking for some good people to play with. Oh and I dig the guild name ;D

4. What previous guilds have you been with? Why did you leave them and when?

I was on the Malorne server in the WORD guild. It was a pretty good guild 10 man raiding guild during BC content. In WotLK the guild slowly fell apart because people had some irl issues going on and once our main tank got hacked, guild leader took their main to another guild, other guild leader quit playing, everyone slowly just stopped playing or went to more active guilds. I was one of the last ones left. The only reason I left is because that's what happens when you transfer.

5. Are you looking to become a "Raid Member" or a "PvP/Arena Member" primarily?

Primarily Raid Member

6. Please post what instances you have raiding experience in if you answered "Raid Member" to question #5. Please include anything pre-BC and post-BC.

10/25 Naxxramas, OS, Vault (Haven't downed Emalon yet), Some 25 BT, 10 ZA, Some 25 Molten Core

7. What spec do you plan to use given your answer to #5?
Note: This doesn't need to be your current spec, but the spec you plan to use given your answer to #5. (Please provide a or similar link to your desired spec)

I plan on being dps Blood spec

8. Please post a link to your character and a screenshot of your current UI.

Since I just transferred wowarmory doesn't have my new name (Rowdain) up yet and I'm not there under my old name on Malorne. As soon as it is up I will post it. I am having issues figuring out how to post my screenshot of my UI. I have Xperl, DBM & Recount.

9. How old are you?


10. If there is anything you would like to say regarding your application that didn't get said in the previous answers, here is your chance!

I'd really like to do some premade bg's. Mostly for fun. I'm still working on my professions Mining and JC. Also working on Fishing and Cooking.

11. Are you able to make raid times of tues/thurs/sun 7-11 server.

I can come on Sundays but due to my work schedule I wouldn't be able to make the Tuesday and Thursday raids. I work 12 hour night shifts Sad

Bonus (Go ahead, skip it and see what happens): In MS paint draw a picture of your favorite super hero!

It's supposed to be a picture of Gambit from Xmen, lol.

[img]New application 16a42gl[/img]
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PostSubject: Re: New application   New application I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 30, 2009 1:20 am


Well with you being unable to make raid times, we are unable to fit you into our raid, which is already full to bursting.

Thanks for your app though.

Later days,
Vinna - Corey

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New application
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