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October 2019


 twoften 80 priest / roadblock 80 warrior

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PostSubject: twoften 80 priest / roadblock 80 warrior   twoften 80 priest / roadblock 80 warrior I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 06, 2009 1:15 am

1. What is your name? (eg. Drulethen)
Twooften - undead shadow priest
Roadblock - orc warrior tank

2. What is your race and class? (eg. Blood Elf Warlock)

see above

3. Tell us why you want to join Nemesis.

Good raiding times
people i played with are good at this game

4. What previous guilds have you been with and why did you leave them?

A p o c - too late raiding times
in IM right now, but they never need me for raids

5. Are you looking to become a "Raid Member" or a "PvP/Arena Member" primarily?

My warrior is always up for pve, my priest im hoping when duel spec comes out to be shadow for pve and disc for pvp

6. Please post what instances you have raiding experience in if you answered "Raid Member" to question #5. Please include anything pre-BC and post-BC.

All of it, besides sunwell, wasnt playing when that came out

7. What spec do you plan to use given your answer to #5?
Note: This doesn't need to be your current spec, but the spec you plan to use given your answer to #5. (Please provide a or similar link to your desired spec)

Warrior is tank, priest is shadow, my warrior is high threat spec and my priest is just cookie cutter one ive seen all priest use. I dont think i ever really stay with one spec. With new content i tend to respec for the fight. like on my warrior, i might get imp spell reflect for maly. Or if for some reason we didnt have imp fort in the raid, id go spec that. Whatever is best for the group really.

8. Please post a link to your character and a screenshot of your current UI.


My UI is just the basic wow. Just make myself a bunch of macros
I run DBM, recount on my warrior,

and ill use Heal bot on my priest for pvp

9. How old are you?


10. If there is anything you would like to say regarding your application that didn't get said in the previous answers, here is your chance!

Well my priest is pretty trash, he hasnt been 80 for that long. But as you can see from my warrior i know what it takes to get him into shape for raiding. My plan with him was to pvp, but if i could get a somewhat steady spot for raiding as shadow, id would take the time to get him everything he needs.

And it always nice to have a geared tank on back up

11. Are you able to make raid times of tues/thurs 7-11 server.

yup, some times i work wierd hours, but should be able to make 80%+.
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twoften 80 priest / roadblock 80 warrior
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